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Go to Veloce 200RH AT in Namibia

Veloce 200RH AT in Namibia

Under the most pristine skies on the planet, this widefield system is ready to gather loads of light

Go to 36.5cm Newton in Spain

36.5cm Newton in Spain

A fast f/3.6 Newton in a dark location in Spain is here for larger field of views, and delivering incredible images from skies with seeing down to 1.2″ FWHM

Go to 50cm iDK in Namibia

50cm iDK in Namibia

Our light bucket, located under a pristine sky in Namibia, and equipped with a huge 16803 camera, working at 3400mm of focal lenght.

Go to Veloce 200RH in Spain

Veloce 200RH in Spain

This incredibly fast scope works at a focal lenght of 600mm, with an aperture of 200mm. Sitting on an ASA DDM60 mount, it collects tons of light in short time. Ready now!

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